How does a YETI Tundra cooler stand up to massive, ill-tempered carnivores? Our ice chests feature a one-piece design made from highly durable roto-molded polyethylene. The lid is one piece, too, attached with molded-in, full-length hinges. To secure that lid from overly crafty bears, we mold in padlock ports at both front corners. Because we have yet to find a grizzly bear who can pick cooler locks.

So what do you do when a grizzly bear gets its paws on your prized cooler? Sit back and watch the fun (from a safe distance). Thanks to 2 inches of pressure-injected polyurethane insulation, even the most stubborn of grizzlies is going to give up and walk away in a huff long before your ice melts. Next time you head into bear country, camp with confidence by bringing along the bear's natural enemy — a YETI Cooler.